1. Company Policies

As with most employers, Ringfree has a fair number of policies in place in order to ensure optimal treatment of customers and employees while maintaining a successfully operating business. Here follows company policies that pertain to employment and the general office environment.

Holidays and Inclement Weather

Ringfree follows postal holidays as paid time off.  Additional days may be added and support will follow evening and weekend time conditions.  In the event of inclement weather the office will be closed and customer support will be provided remotely.

Benefits and Reimbursements

Ringfree will provide health insurance coverage for employees in the form of a monthly reimbursement or a company health plan up to the amount of $300.


If it is contagious, do not bring it to work.  Stay home.  Remote work will be paid as regular office time.


Evaluations will be performed after the first 90 days and then once yearly to determine pay raises and job performance.

Paid Time Off and Scheduling

New employees will start employment with 80 hours of PTO.  Abnormal availability or office hours will be marked on the company calendar as A for available, S for Semi-Available, or U for Unavailable.


Employment at Ringfree Communications will require the following agreements and contracts: Non-compete and Non-disclosure.  NC is an at will employment state.

Petty Cash

Leave Receipts.  Be reasonable.  For shipping and other incidentals when a company credit card is not available.  Food and beverages as needed.  Be reasonable.  NOT FOR ESCORTS AND/OR STRIPPERS OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES.

Office Responsibilities

Common areas and bathrooms are maintained by the property manager while interior offices are maintained by the tenants.  Each person is responsible for keeping their office and personal spaces clean.  Common office areas and cleaning duties like dishes, garbage, recycling, and general cleaning will be taken on by the entire staff.  The first person in the office in the morning will be responsible for unlocking doors, and the last person to leave will be responsible for office shutdown procedures that include turning off small appliances, lights, HVAC, and locking doors.

End of Employment

All company owned equipment shall be returned on the last day of employment during the exit interview.


Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse or Trackpad, and Desk Phone will be provided by Ringfree Communications.  If any of this equipment contains information about Ringfree, customers, or IT partners, it must be password protected. Optionally some personal devices such as mobile phones may be used for some purposes (notably email). Any personal devices in use for any Ringfree related activities must also be password protected.