Accessing the Control Panel

Your Ringfree telephone service includes access for each extension to a User Control Panel or UCP. The UCP allows each user to perform actions such as managing their voicemail, changing their password, and editing their Follow Me settings.

Accessing and using the UCP is easy. In your web browser, go to the following address:


Once you’ve done so, you will be presented with a login screen like the following:


In order to log in, use your extension number in the Login field and your voicemail passcode in the Password field. You may optionally elect to have the browser remember your password and/or select a language other than English. Click on the Submit button to enter the UCP.

Once done you will be presented with several options to manage your voicemail. If you have messages in your mailbox, you’ll see them displayed along with options to perform actions such as listening to or deleting the message.


Make a note of the various options on the left side of the screen. Here you can access the following options:

  • Call Monitor – provides you with a log of your extensions phone calls.
  • Voicemail – provides you with options to manage your voicemail.
  • Feature Codes – gives you a complete list of feature codes you can dial.
  • Follow Me – provides you with a means to manager your Follow Me settings.
  • Phone Features – gives access to various settings such as forwarding and call waiting.
  • VmX Locator – provides navigation options to people who have reached your voicemail (Note: not all extensions have this feature activated).
  • Settings – allows you to set things such as your password, email, and language.
  • Logout  – logs you out of the UCP and returns you to the login screen.
  • Folders – allows you to navigate to folders within your voicemail mailbox.