Blind Transfer

Blind Transfer is when a user transfers a call to another user without the intention of consulting with the recipient user prior to finalizing the transfer. Blind transfers are sometimes referred to as Cold Transfers and/or Unattended Transfers. In most office environments this is the second most common type of transfer behind attended transfers. The Polycom phones most often used by Ringfree customers offer blind transferring as a default transfer method, but this must be configured by the users on a per-phone basis.

On Polycom phones:

On Yealink phones:

To perform a blind transfer:

  1. While in a call, press and hold the Transfer key until the Blind option appears on the screen.
  2. Using the directional pad and center button, select the Blind option.
  3. Enter the desired extension number.
  4. Depending on phone model, press the Transfer key a second time or press the Send key.

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