Call Forwarding

To Forward Calls / De-activate Call Forwarding

There are two basic ways to forward calls:

The first way

From the phone you want forwarded, enter *72 and then the number to forward to, and hit Send.

For example, dialing *728285551212 will forward all calls on that extension to the number (828) 555-1212.

To deactivate call forwarding, dial *73 on that extension and hit send, you will receive a “Forward Deactivated” message letting you know calls are no longer forwarded.

You can set a forward for someone else’s phone from your phone by dialing *72, hitting Send, and waiting for the prompts which will ask you which extension you would like to forward, and to which number.

The second way

The second way to set a forward involves accessing the PBX user control panel and utilizing the Follow Me features. You can access the PBX user control panel at https://[yourclientID]

Login: will be the extension number.
Password: is the voicemail password for that extension.

Once logged in, click Follow Me on the left hand side. You may then enter the extension, cell phone, or landline to ring in the Follow Me list. Select how many seconds you would like the original extension to ring first before ringing the other extensions. Make sure to check the Enable button, and then Update to save the changes. The Follow Me can be disabled by unchecking the Enable button and clicking Update.

We have two eLearning documents that explain the process in greater detail, linked below:

  1. Accessing the User Control Panel:
  2. Editing Follow Me Settings:

You may forward a call directly to an extension’s voicemail by pressing Transfer, then *, and the extension.