checkBlf Tool

Click here for the code.

checkBlf is a new tool added to the PPT server. It simplifies the searching for in-use BLF files in order to expedite the updating of sidecars. The is especially useful for companies that have many blf files to search through.

The use of the tool is rather simple. Once on the PPT server, change into the directory for the customer you are currently working on. You will then call the checkBlf command and it will check through all the BLF files and the MAC configuration files to find those BLF files in use. It will only show you output for the files currently in use.

Here is an example use:

[root@ppt / ]# cd /home/1900027
[r[root@ppt /home/1900027 ]# checkBlf 
[root@ppt /home/1900027 ]# 

So in this case we can see that blf-cdc.cfg is being used by 0004f2ab8765.cfg, blf.cfg is being used by both 0004f25f1180.cfg and 0004f28226bb.cfg, and blf-testing.cfg is used by 0004f28099ab.cfg.