Configuring a Yealink phone in the Yealink Configuration tool

Most new Yealink phones ordered from Ringfree authorized hardware vendors will come configured to work out of the box with the Yealink Configuration tool (We call it “YConf”). Or at the very least they’ll have the option available when the phones are being ordered. Phones that do not come configured for YConf will either need to be, or will require manual provisioning. Obviously its in the best interest of both Ringfree and the end user to have phones configured for YConf so that we can quickly and easily make provisioning changes in the future. Here are some example instances where phones would not be configured for YConf:

  • The phone is an obscure model that we don’t have a provisioning template for.
  • The customer already owned the hardware and is changing service to Ringfree.
  • The customer or IT partner sourced the hardware from a non-standard channel.

This article details how to take a Yealink phone and configure it for a particular CTID in the Yealink Configuration tool.

Obtaining the Phone’s IP Address and Accessing the Admin Interface

Connect the phone to the local network and power it on. Once the phone boots, locate and press the Menu key and then select the Status option, or, press OK in the middle of the directional pad. On most Yealink phones you should see the IPv4 address listed. Make a note of the address, enter it in the address bar of your preferred web browser, and navigate to it.

You should be presented with a login screen that notes the model of the phone and asks for a username and password. Enter the credentials as follows:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Click the Login button and you will be presented with the Yealink admin interface.

Note: The above credentials are ONLY for a factory reset phone.  Once a phone has been provisioned, the Username will be: ringfree , and the password will be shown in the configuration of the device, under heading Web UI Password.

Factory Reset and Necessary Security Settings

When setting up a new phone, its generally preferable to perform a factory reset. In fact you should always do this unless you’re explicitly instructed not to. The specific location of the factory reset option within the admin interface can vary depending on the specific model and firmware version but can generally be located by clicking the Settings option across the top and selecting the Upgrade option from the sidebar. The option is typically toward the center of the page.

Once the factory reset has completed, log back into the admin interface. At this point we need to adjust a security setting that will allow the phone to communicate with YConf. Click on the Security option across the top and select the Trusted Certificates option from the sidebar. On the resulting page, locate the setting labeled Only Accept Trusted Certificates, change it to Disabled, and then click the Confirm button to apply the change. The phone should reboot.

Obtaining and Applying the Provisioning Server Settings

Log back into the Admin Interface so we can address the provisioning server settings. Like the factory reset option, the specific location can vary according to model and firmware version, however the settings can generally be located by clicking on Settings across the top and selecting the Auto Provision option from the sidebar. The three settings we’re interested in on this page are labeled Server URLUser Name, and Password.

The Server URL is as follows:<CTID> with <CTID> being replaced by the customer’s PBX container ID. The CTID can be found at the top of the PBX Admin or Yealink Configuration view.  The User Name is just the customer’s PBX container ID. For example, the following settings would be entered to configure a phone for Ringfree’s PBX:

  • Server URL:
  • User Name: 1900027

The password can, for established customers, be found in the Yealink Configuration tool at the large red Password button:

If you’re configuring a phone for a new customer you may need to establish a password within the Yealink Configuration tool. Please confirm with whomever is responsible for onboarding the customer prior to setting or changing the Yealink Configuration password.

Once the credentials have been entered, click the Confirm button at the bottom of the page. If you’ve already created an entry in Yealink Configuration for the phone, you may then click the Auto Provision Now button to provision the phone.