Editing Follow Me Settings

Follow Me allows you to redirect a call that is placed to your extension to another location. You can redirect the call to one or multiple other extensions, one or multiple external phone numbers, or some combination of the two. You can even have the phone call route back to the original extension’s voicemail after ringing the other locations if nobody picks up.

To put it plainly, Follow Me lets the call ring your extension first, then ring other locations of your choice, then go back to your voicemail.

As you can see, Follow Me is quite powerful and can be immensely useful, however it’s necessary to understand the various options in order to take full advantage of the feature.


Begin by accessing the User Control Panel as described here. Note the option on the left side menu labeled Follow Me and click on it to display the Follow Me options.


There are a total of five configuration options for Follow Me:

  • Enable
  • Follow Me List
  • Ring Extension First For
  • Ring Followme List for
  • Use Confirmation

The Enable option simply defines whether or not Follow Me is enabled on your extension. Here at Ringfree, we normally have this enabled by default as there is no functional downside to having it enabled, even if you elect not to use it.

The Follow Me List is the list of extensions and/or external numbers where you’d like the call to be redirected after it rings your extension. It’s typical to include your extension number in this list so that it’ll ring alongside the additional destinations. Doing so is optional so don’t feel that you have to include your extension in the list. Add extensions or external phone numbers to the list one per line. If you use an external phone number, please use the complete eleven digit number followed by the pound sign. For example if I wanted to include (555) 555-5555, I would enter the following into the Follow Me List:


See below for an example of how this should look:


The Ring Extension First For option defines how many seconds the call should ring at your extension before being redirected to the destinations defined in the Follow Me List. One ring is approximately 4 seconds. You can select any number between 4 and 30 seconds for this option.

The Ring Followme List for option defines how many seconds the call should ring at the destinations specified in the Follow Me List after it rings at your extension. Again, one ring is approximately 4 seconds. You can select any number between 6 and 60 seconds for this option. It’s important to be aware that if you redirect a call to a mobile phone or other service with a voicemail feature, that voicemail feature may pick up the call and prevent it from going to your extension’s voicemail. That said, you may want to set this option for a fewer number of seconds than the voicemail feature on the destination numbers.

The Use Confirmation option lets you specify whether or not you’d like to have external phone numbers confirm whether or not they want to receive calls redirected via Follow Me. Checking this option will result in any external numbers being presented with a prompt allowing them to accept or decline calls redirected in this manner.

Once you’ve finished editing your Follow Me settings, be sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the screen in order to apply the changes.