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makeppt is a tool on the PPT server that creates a new PPT user and directory. Under normal circumstances this should only be necessary while onboarding a new customer, but there are occasionally exceptions. In total, the tool performs the following actions in the following order:

  1. Create the home directory for the new user by copying a template directory
  2. Add the new user
  3. Set the new user password.
  4. Adjust permissions on the home directory for the new user
  5. Create the web interface directory by copying a template directory
  6. Edit the configuration in the new web interface directory to reflect the new user

An example use of makeppt is as follows:

makeppt 1900027

If the tool is successful, it will output the following information:

adduser: warning: the home directory already exists.
Not copying any file from skel directory into it.

Otherwise the tool will output a nondescript error message. Be warned that because of the size of the template for the user’s home directory, running makeppt can take a couple of minutes to complete.