Recording Auto-Attendant Messages

To record new auto-attendant messages,

  1. Pick up your handset.
  2. Dial *77.
  3. You will hear a beep. This means the recording has started and is your cue to begin speaking.
  4. When you are finished speaking, dial #.
  5. You may then follow the prompts to review your message, or simply hangup if you are satisfied.
  6. Inform Ringfree staff, via phone or at, the extension number of the phone you used to make the recording, and which message you would like it to be or replace, so that our staff may retrieve your recording and put it in play. Only one recording can sit at an extension at a time. For multiple recordings, you will either need to record each message at a different extension, or advise me when each is done and I will pull it off the extension you make the recording on, then you can proceed to the next recording.