Checking Voicemail Remotely

To check your voicemails remotely, you have three options.

  1. If your business has a menu system: Call in to your main number, pick one of the menu options that reaches your extension, or dial your extension directly. Let the voicemail pickup. When the recording begins, press *. Enter your password when prompted. You can then follow the prompts to check your voicemail.
  2. Voicemail to email will set all voicemails to be sent as an MP3 to your e-mail. That way you can listen to messages directly from your cell phone, or anywhere you have e-mail access.
  3. PBX User. Head to https://[yourclientID]

    Login: enter your extension number
    Password: enter your voicemail password

    The screen should then open directly to the Voicemail page. If not, click Voicemail on the left hand side. You should then see a list of your voicemail messages. You may click on the audio/volume icon to play back the message through your computer speakers.
    Voicemail messages

Checking Your Messages

To access and check your voicemail messages, first ensure that you’ve completed the steps outlined in the initial configuration article and then dial the following:


You will be prompted to enter your password followed by the # key. Please do so and you will have successfully accessed your voicemail box.

Upon successfully accessing your voicemail box, you will be informed as to any new messages. You can follow the instructions provided by the phone system to listen to or manage your messages. You may hang up at any time.

Download the PDF Guide

Changing Your Password

With few exceptions, your default voicemail password is set to your extension number. During the initial configuration of your voicemail box, you should have changed your password to something else. If the need arises for you to change your password again, you can simply do as much by following these instructions:

  1. Dial *97 to access your voicemail box.
  2. Press the 0 key to access the Mailbox Options.
  3. Press the 5 key to access the password change option.
  4. Follow the instructions given to you by the phone system.

Download the PDF Guide

Setting and Changing Greetings

Your voicemail box has three separate greetings you may optionally record for use in different circumstances:

  1. The Busy greeting is used when someone attempts to call your extension but your extension is already in use.
  2. The Unavailable greeting is used when someone attempts to call your extension but nobody answers.
  3. The Temporary greeting is generally used in situations where you will be away from the phone system for an extended period of time, such as a vacation.

Note: Temporary greetings will supersede all other greetings and will need to be manually disabled/removed afterwards.

To set or change your voicemail greetings, begin by accessing your voicemail box by dialing *97 and entering your password followed by the # key when prompted.

Next press the 0 key to enter the mailbox options. You will now hear prompts associated with the following options:

  1. Press 1 to record your Unavailable greeting.
  2. Press 2 to record your Busy greeting.
  3. Press 3 to record your name (as used in the company directory).
  4. Press 4 to manage your Temporary greeting.
  5. Press 5 to change your password.

Note that your name and password should have been set while preforming the initial voicemail configuration.

To record each greeting, press the associated key and follow the instructions given to you by the phone system.

Download the PDF Guide

Initial Configuration

Each extension on your Ringfree phone system has an independent voicemail box that can be accessed by that extension’s user. The voicemail box requires configuration before it can be accessed. To begin the configuration, dial:


The phone system will prompt you for your password. By default, the password is set to your extension number. There are exceptions for some customers (for instance we’ve had requests for all passwords to be set identically) so if your default password is not your extension number, please consult with either your IT provider or Ringfree technical support.

Ringfree makes use of a platform called Comedian Mail which will guide you through the initial setup process.

First you will be prompted to record your name. This recording will be used in the company directory. Listen to the prompt and say your name after the beep. Press the # key to stop recording. Follow the prompts to either accept or re-record your name.

Next you will be prompted to change your password. Enter a new password when prompted and press the # key to confirm. You will be prompted to enter your password and confirm a second time. Please do so to complete changing your password. Note that Ringfree strongly advises using a password different than the default password.

Download the PDF Guide