YConf Remote Directory Import

Ringfree’s internal Yealink provisioning tool, known as YConf, supports the ability to import a Remote Directory. The process itself is rather simple: from within YConf, click the button labeled Import, select Directory, select your file, and click the button labeled Import.

While the process is incredibly simple, it’s imperative that the file to be imported is formatted in the proper manner. The importer requires a CSV file with a range of 3 to 5 columns in the following order and format:

  1. Directory Name: The name that will appear on the user’s phone for this directory.
  2. Contact Name: The name of the contact as it will appear in the phone’s directory.
  3. Phone Number: The primary contact number for the contact.
  4. Alternate Phone Number (OPTIONAL): An alternate contact number for the contact.
  5. Alternate Phone Number (OPTIONAL): An alternate contact number for the contact.
 You can download an example template here

Any additional fields will be ignored. Any rows with no value in an expected cell will also be ignored. Note that no fields should include any instances of the comma character as this will adversely affect the import and result in non-functioning extensions.

This file will only be applied to the current container, unlike the Bulk Extension Import function. You can, however, include multiple Directory Names to create multiple remote directories at once for that container.

There is a hard limit of 1,000 lines per Directory. If a customer has a contact list of 1,000 contacts or greater, it would be best to find logical break points to chunk the file into smaller bits.